Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chinese new year

I no need to go back to hometown because my hometown is close to my house.
I think 10 minutes can reach there. Haha =)
Lin yng went back to Ipoh during chinese new year.
Unfortunately, lin yng's grandpa fell into longkang.
He was sent to hospital. Ribcage cracked.
So charm.
Lin yng told me that her grandpa stayed inside the longkang for 2 hours. Almost 6 feet deep.
Oh my god. How can a old gong gong tahan for 2 hours inside the longkang? He asked for help but no ones can hear because there is too noisy.
Zi mei went to hospital also. Vomit and fever.
I called her. She told me now feel better already just went to hospital for body check only.
Tiger year was unlucky for who are born in 1992.
Many bad things happened.
Dont give up. Tomorrow will be better.

The 1st day of chinese new year.
Went to grandmother's hse in the morning.
Then started camwhore. XD

And collect ang pao.
The 1st ang pao was received from my dad. 7am something i think.
Wow... My dad so nervous. new year wishes
1. I wish my family have always good health
2. Good luck in everything they do
3. My brother business become better and better
4. My lil sister can get all pass in PMR
5. My big sister can get a good job in this year

Hopes all my wishes can achieve. Yeah !!!

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